General Information

Q. What is SOQP?

SOQP is an intensive professional development program which candidates must complete successfully, within a 5 year time frame, to acquire a Supervisory Officer's Certificate: hence Supervisory Officers' Qualifications Program.

In SOQP, candidates must hold the appropriate admission requirements and must successfully complete a program of four modules and a supervised practicum to be recommended for a Supervisory Officers' Certificate or a Business Supervisory Officer's Certificate.

Q. What is CCDO?

The Ontario Catholic Supervisory Officers' Association operates the SOQP for the Catholic Community under the name of the Catholic Community Delivery Organization.

Q. What is a module?

A Module...

  • A module is one of four instructional components of SOQP
  • A module comprises 50 hours instructional time and additional time reading, researching and completing assignments, etc.
  • Each module has its own outcomes, content, instructional strategies, resources and evaluation procedures
  • Each module has its own leader/facilitator.

Q. What is the practicum?

The practicum is a critical component of a candidate's professional development. It involves experiential learning where the individual is engaged in practical, on-site, supervised experiences.

The practicum will:

  • Reflect day to day realities of Board-wide or Ministry educational administration
  • Require the integration of knowledge and personal skills, e.g. facilitating, networking
  • Involve the guidance of a mentor (a practicing supervisory officer)
  • Extend problem-solving skills and abilities to deal with educational issues
  • Include feedback mechanisms, including oral and written reflections on the practicum experience
  • Provide a means of evaluating the individual's professional achievement

Q. What is the content of each module?

The program content is summarized as follows:

Module 1 - The Personal Perspective (50 hours)
Personal profile, introspection, personality types, Myers-Briggs, life-long goals, communication styles, agent of change, career planning, performance enhancement, networking, political skills, stress management, conflict resolution, case studies, etc. 

Module 2 - The Provincial Perspective (50 hours)
Provincial Acts, Regulations, education funding, curriculum management, current issues, case studies, etc.

Module 3 - Management/Leadership Theory (50 hours)
The adult learner, learning profile, management and leadership skills, current issues, strategic planning, labour- employee relations, negotiations, effective schools, trustees' roles, etc.

Module 4 – System Perspective (50 hours)

CCDO will offer a number of alternatives within this module: History and tradition of Catholic education, Canon Law and Education, Social Justice issues for Catholic educators, Catholic Education & Politics in Ontario, Governance, Vision and Strategic Planning.

Practicum (50 hours)

The Practicum consists of the integration of previously acquired skills and knowledge in a supervised, realistic, on-site setting. Each candidate will work with a practicing Supervisory Officer as a mentor, in a school board/Ministry/other relevant location (usually the candidate's own board).

Q. How will the candidate be evaluated?

Evaluation will be an integral part of the adult learning process:

  • Candidates will be expected to complete journals/logs, as well as a written Module A examination, assignments and presentations
  • Guided personal reflection and self, peer and mentor evaluation will be part of the evaluation process
  • Each module, including the practicum, will have its own evaluation criteria
  • Evaluation will be both formative and summative

Q. Is there a final written and oral examination?

No. Each module is evaluated singularly (as above).

Q. Is the program the same for teaching and business candidates?

For the most part, yes... though each module will involve a practical application component where the needs of both teaching and business candidates will be met.

Q. Is there a specific order in which the candidate must complete the program?

Candidates are strongly encouraged to complete the modules in the order 1, 2, 3, 4, with the Practicum beginning after the successful completion of Module 1 and/or 2. However, occasions do arise when it is impractical for an individual to complete the modules in the above order. In such cases, the candidate must acquire permission from the Program Director to complete the program in an alternate order.

Q. Will enrolment be limited in the program?

Yes. CCDO's program will be limited to a maximum of 35 candidates.

Note: a minimum enrolment of 15 candidates is required in order to guarantee that CCDO offers its program.

Q. Is there a time frame in which a candidate must complete his/her SOQP?

Yes. A candidate must successfully complete his/her SOQP within 5 years after starting the program (Reg 176/10).