Program Overview

Catholic Community Delivery Organization (CCDO) Supervisory Officers' Qualifications Program (SOQP) 

The Ontario Catholic Supervisory Officers' Association operates the SOQP for the Catholic Community under the name of the Catholic Community Delivery Organization.

SOQP is an intensive professional development program which candidates must complete successfully, within a 5 year time frame, to acquire a Supervisory Officer's Certificate: hence Supervisory Officers' Qualifications Program.

In SOQP, candidates must hold the appropriate admission requirements and must successfully complete a program of four modules and a supervised practicum to be recommended for a Supervisory Officers' Certificate or a Business Supervisory Officer's Certificate.

Candidate's Comments

"This program has provided in-depth professional development, personal growth and an awareness of the importance of spiritual growth that are required for Catholic educators."

"A quality professional and spiritual development experience I would recommend to anyone who would be interested in learning about leadership, educational issues and faith development. We became a community of learners/believers as we walked together in this enriching journey."

"Wouldn't have missed the experience...wonderful program! Wonderful people! Professional development second to none."

"The program was well organized, well presented...a wealth of current information (hot off the press!)... participation in this program was the highlight of my professional growth."

"Those who will follow after me can only be inspired by the quality of presenters and the opportunity to root their faith and spirituality."

"The overall experience was indeed very positive. I leave with a great sense of accomplishment, recognizing still that this is yet another new beginning for me"

"The foundation of Catholic education must be identifiable and alive in Catholic educational leadership. This course provides the basis for a fulfilling and optimal growth experience."